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escaen +34 936 652 454 - +34 936 652 300 Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 9 pm.

Tennis Academy

Have you played anything, little or much


Different schools at your fingertips that adapt to your needs

Initiation School

For the little ones
  • MINI TENNIS, for children who have not had any contact with tennis.
  • INICIACIÓN, designed for those who have had little contact with the practice of tennis.

With these students our instructors are especially careful to combine a correct learning of the technique of tennis (such as grips or striking position) with a dose of more fun games to maintain the illusion of the student. Initiation will be made to the general regulation of tennis.

Adults School

Over 16 years old

School for former players of Competition and Improvement and those people with an advanced level who have desire to compete in various tournaments, both internal and interclubs.

In this type of groups is to encourage the healthy practice of this sport so that although the students do not want to make tennis a priority activity if we get them to acquire sufficient level to develop it as a healthy activity that they preserve throughout their lives.

Advanced Schools

For those who want to compete

Destined to students with good technical base and high pretensions of improvement, as well as willingness to compete.

In the training of these schools, the constant improvement of the student is prioritized. Thus the basic format of the training continuously combines the “car”, exercise in which the coach works a certain blow of the student making him perform controlled repetitions of that stroke or play, with the game of exchange between the players themselves or in the form of a match informal or control of the ball.

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